What we do

Our Strategy is to: • Build local employment and the local economy, especially off-season, by developing innovative opportunities for individuals, community groups and employers • Create the basic foundations to succeed for those people most in need by investing resources in long term social support projects • Be a UK rural innovator in leading-edge community amenities and resources through a series of imaginative, sustainable, modern community programmes expertly implemented and managed

Lyme Regis Development Trust (LRDT) was set up in 1998 to promote the economic and social well-being of the town and its environs. The Trust  particularly concentrates on developing economic and social activities and facilities that will benefit the town’s residents through the whole year.

Our income is from a variety of sources including contracts, grants, and self-earned income from the services and properties which we manage.

The Trust has been involved in many innovative and ambitious projects, and was closely associated with delivery of the Town’s Plan which is called ‘Lyme Forward’. 

At the heart of the Trust’s activity is St Michael's Business Centre which is a base for delivery of many of its projects, as well as providing business units.

The Lyme Regis Development Trust is a place where the community can get advice, and hire rooms, facilities, equipment or services, and provides a regular venue for other community organisations (eg CAB, U3A, WSX Enterprise).

Significant projects which have been delivered by the Trust include the provision of the Town Bridge, the HUB (youth activity centre), the annual Fossil Festival, providing small business units, , and LymeNet (community IT access, learning and work hub). Previous example projects include On Board (Jurassic coast flight simulator), Digital Lyme (community owned broadband and apps), and the Study Centre

Through coordinating the delivery of the Lyme Forward plan various community services have been created including community lunches, community trips, support groups, a Foodbank, and a Credit Union.  These are now managed by the Lyme Forward CIC which is a separate entity but still a 'sister' organisation.

Current project ambitions, building on the Trust’s track-record, are:  delivery of affordable housing, a Creative digital media centre, training and residential facilities at the Hub, and an integrated approach to promoting the town as a year-round destination.