Early Stage Projects

All Season economy – we are seeking funding for a project to identify and address gaps in services, opportunities, marketing and events that allow Lyme Regis to thrive in the shoulder months and off-season. 

Creative digital Media Centre  - we plan to set up a studio and data manipulation area so that a new range of digital based media can be learned in Lyme.  We hope this will assist young people, artists and businesses wishing to find new means of promotion.

Lyme Regis Enterprise Centre – we are seeking funding and assistance to identify and address gaps in local services and business, and then train and support current and new businesses to fill these and employ more people.  There would also be an emphasis on providing work and workplace skills to those local people who are unemployed or under-employed


Affordable Housing - We have a significant capital receipt which we intend to spend on providing some new affordable housing in Lyme.  Preliminary work is  in place to reprovide a library together with affordable housing .