Fossil Festival

Since 2005, the Trust has organised an annual Fossil Festival on the seafront. Exhibitors range from the Natural History Museum, national and local suppliers of fossils to universities and educational presenters. The programme includes guided walks along the Jurassic Coast, talks and lectures. The Festival attracts up to 14,000 attendees, many of whom are children.

To take advantage of the Olympic Sailing at nearby Weymouth, in 2012 the Trust also ran a 4-month long Earth Festival along the whole Jurassic Coast with many special events and projects celebrating England's only Natural World Heritage Site.

Why do we run these festivals?

For economic reasons - firstly, in the short term, to increase Lyme's stature amongst the general public as THE place to come to if you are interested in fossils - it will generate year-round visitors of the sort best suited to Lyme's predominantly B&B accommodation.

Secondly we want more young people to become interested in the Earth Sciences

The Fossil Festivals are a means to engage appropriate experts in a meaningful and continuing way

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