Some Past Projects


 Onboard was a flight simulator conceived and built by Hartnell Communications in Lyme Regis for the 2012 Jurassic Coast Earth Festival. Sitting in a section of real Boeing 737 cabin, visitors experienced a simulated flight with Jurassic Airlines. Starting with a sweep along today’s coastline, passengers were taken back to prehistoric times where they saw on a screen and through the cabin windows life as it developed. An entertaining check-in procedure helped convey important environmental lessons.

Note: Onboard is not currently operating, but if you are interested in establishing this as a local attraction, please contact the Lyme Regis Development Trust.

Town Mill Path

Following requests from local traders, the Trust planned and raised funding for a new path and river bridge to link the Town Mill with the lower part of Broad Street. The project was implemented by the Town Mill Trust.


Following two years of disruption caused by coastal protection works, local traders approached the Trust asking for help in making sure people knew the town was again open as an attractive tourist destination.  In response the Trust led a project with Lyme Regis Town Council and Lyme Bay Holidays to install a webcam on the historic Cobb harbour wall.  This has been a great success attracting online visitors from around the world.


The Trust helped the Town Mill Trust with the purchase and refurbishment of the town’s old malthouse adjoining the mill. This was opened in 2010 and is used for a variety of artistic and social functions. There is also an upstairs office currently leased by the Trust.

Digital Lyme

The Trust built one of the first community owned wifi networks in the UK to serve the costal area where there is poor 3G connection. This also served two prototype 'apps'.  The concept was proven and the the network developed and made more robust over time, and was in use for several years.  However it was not ultimately fiiancially sustainable and the further investment required, to make it so, could not be found.