A Lyme Regis Resource for others


We are reorganising our offices and activities to maximise their nuse and flexibility. We have small work and interview rooms, we have a better equipped large meeting room and kitchen, we have various spaces for hire or use at the Hub  So maybe we can help you in one of these ways.

Are you a local community group?  Maybe you need:

  • A room to meet in, or for training
  • Somewhere which will produce your posters and printing (up to A3 size)
  • A place to give you free advice on finding funding
  • Free advice on community consultation
  • To hire a digital projector and screen, or display screens
  • To find a source of local data for your grant bid
  • Training for your volunteers
  • Advice on business planning
  • A place to display information about services or events


Are you a local business?   Maybe you need:

  • A space to work or meet in that is away from your workplace
  • To hire a fully IT equipped training room, or maybe just a laptop, display screens, or a digital projector
  • Somewhere, from time to time, from which to run your internet business
  • A business starter unit (we have 3)
  • Advice or training on basic business IT (eg social media, basic websites, customer database, sales spreadsheet?)
  • Recruitment assistance
  • A virtual office assistant, or typing support
  • To occasionally use a copier, scanner, printer or laminator to A3 size


Are you a local resident?  Maybe you need:

  • Photocopying, scanning, printing or laminating (to A3.  Colour, or Black & white)
  • Careers advice &  support, or assistance with job search, CV writing & interview skills
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • English, Maths or IT qualifications taught in a friendly and personally tailored way
  • Somewhere to check your e-mails & the internet when your system breaks down.  We can also support you if you need assistance
  • Somewhere to do a Skype job interview, or to take part in a webinar
  • Somewhere to try, or use Photoshop
  • Somewhere away from home, where assistance is available, to do on-line courses for work or leisure
  • Somewhere to teach you to use the basics of a computer, Mac, Kindle, IPad, or other tablet
  • Someone to help with Technical support for your IT
  • CAB, Credit Union, or Foodbank
  • A room to teach an evening class
  • A confidential place to learn reading skills
  • English tuition where English is your second language
  • Somewhere to find out about local services and events


Are you a Visitor to Lyme Regis?  Maybe you need:

  • Somewhere to work with good internet access and facilities if you get some urgent business to attend to
  • Somewhere to use the internet on rainy days